GAME NIGHTS and EVENTS Voice Communications







We aim to achieve the best coop gameplay in the world. We do this several ways. First, we encourage team-oriented gamers to play in our servers and seek to recruit those few players whom we think are TEF material. Second, we have developed the "mission leader" leading philosophy where missions are focused based on one person's orders. Whoever that is, whether a TEF member or a gamer who volunteered, its his/her rules and is enforced by admins that way ambitious gamers have a chance to grow and improve their leadership ability. Third, we select community made missions for our server as well as design our own missions tht are realistic, difficult and well-made.

Why? So you get the most intense, challenging and multidimensional missions that ArmA and OFP have to offer.

To achieve this, TEF members and players are expected to adhere to a few rules so that everyone has an enjoyable and mature gaming experience. Our rules are:

1.WARN, KICK, BAN: We warn, kick, or ban at our discretion.

2.NO CHEATING: This includes addons, scripts, or hacks that enhance a player’s survivability, give player access to weapons not originally included by the mission maker, and other such cheats. If, during organized events, a mission leader restricts loadouts for certain roles, please comply. This is ALWAYS intended to enhance everyone's gaming experience in that event and is NEVER used as punishment or to handicap a person's performance. An example would be requesting pilots take only a survival pack with limited supplies such as smokes, flares, medical supplies, and a sidearm.

3.LEADING: We take coop seriously. If you want to rambo, please find another server. When a "mission leader" is designated, he has command of that mission (excluding server Admin). Follow his orders during that mission. If you want to volunteer to be a mission leader in the next mission, ask the Admin. TEF always encourages leadership since practice makes perfect and good leaders are seldom born, but almost always made.

4.PLAYER SLOTS: TEF players have priority in a mission if player slots are is limited. Each slot assignment is “first come, first served,” but also subject to the Admin. If you get bumped out of a slot, it was probably for a reason; ask the Admin. Admins usually try to accomodate everyone.

5.ALIASES: Posing as another player, i.e. player nick or ID stealing will get you banned-there is no warning for this offense. This also goes for pirated copies of the game. Bohemia Interactive Studios puts a lot of effort into game development so the least you can do is buy a legitimate copy of the game. For those of you who are new, Bohemia released a free version of ArmA 2 for download to get you started.

6.TEAMSPEAK: Try to keep each TEAMSPEAK communication brief and to the point during the mission. Shoot the breeze in the lobby or ask to move into another channel. If the mission leader restricts in-game channel comms due to "chatter," please respect their request and communicate non-critical info via the game's group/vehicle/side/global chat messaging feature. TS3 also has a "poke" feature where you can discretely send someone on TS a message without disrupting anyone else. For ongoing chat conversations in TS3, right-click the person's name and select "Open chat window."

7.BIGOTRY: Insulting other nationalities, races, or even individuals can get you warned, kicked, or banned.

8.SEXUAL REFERENCES: Explicit references to sexual behavior, acts, or subject matter is not tolerated. Profanity is allowed but do not abuse the privilege.

9.TEAMKILLING: Teamkilling is not tolerated and will get you banned (friendly fire incidents excluded). If you accidentally TK someone, it is courtesy to apologize or at least briefly explain what happened.

10.BASE EQUIPMENT: In long missions, such as Xeno's Domination, it is important to keep our base orderly by parking aircraft, using taxiways, runways and roads properly. Rebuilding sabotaged base facilities is everyone's job, including yours. Repair your wrecks or ask an engineer nicely if you can't fly the wreck/repair chopper. Instead of abandoning aircraft or armor out in the field when you are done, bring them home before disconnecting.

Respect everyone and have fun. That's why we are all here right?